LECES Points of Pride

The Legacy Early College Elementary School has adopted a core value system, PRIDE, for all members. PRIDE stands for:

P -Perseverance

R -Respect

I -Integrity

D -Determination

E –Excellence



As our scholars show their PRIDE each day, they use these core values to guide everything they do. In addition, all Legacy family members have been trained to teach proper social skills outlined through the Houston Project Class Program.

Scholar Social Skills

Paying attention, listening, looking at the person talking, following instructions, accepting no, accepting feedback, and using kind words. These skills are the building blocks for responsible relationships that will prepare our children for the future. Parents will see these social skills referenced on daily logs and forms that go home to inform parents how their child did in school each day.

PRIDE House System

Every scholar and teacher in Legacy Early College Elementary School is placed into one of our PRIDE Houses upon first entering the school. Our five houses are Ausdauer (Black), Rispestto (Orange), Integrite (Blue), Umanzi (Red), and Ubora (Blue). Each house stands for one of our PRIDE core values and meets each month as a house to learn about our core value of the month as well as discuss other house matters. The 5 houses compete each nine weeks to earn house points and the house with the most points each quarter is awarded the house cup and receives a celebration. Parents are encouraged to become members of a house and become part of that family within our greater Legacy Family.

Uniform & Dress Code

Legacy Elementary School has implemented a Uniform Dress Code. We believe uniforms serve the purpose of growing respectable citizens striving for future college success. Uniforms show school pride and create an environment that focuses on academic rigor. Scholars must arrive at school dressed properly according to the LEC dress code and must remain in dress code until leaving campus. A uniform check will occur each morning and at will. If the scholar’s uniform is not appropriate for the school day, the scholar’s parent will be called. The parent will be asked to bring the missing item to school as soon as possible. If the parent is unable to bring the item to school, the item will be purchased at the school store and charged to the parent. Dress code violation phone calls will be made daily.

The standard scholar attire is:

  • Grades K5-4 should wear Purple collared golf (polo) shirts with the Legacy logo.
  • Khaki pants that fit at the waist and not below.
  • Or Khaki Shorts, skorts, or capris with belt loops that are knee length or below (no embellishments, designs, or contrasting accent colors)
  • Khaki pants must fit at the waist. No green, brown, white, or other colors are accepted as “khaki.”
  • No baggy pants, no sag, not too tight, and not tucked into socks
  • Shirts tucked in at all times
  • Scholars may wear only solid colored shirts underneath their polos (short-sleeve or long-sleeve). Writing and/or designs should not be visible through polo.
  • Sneakers ONLY –any color is acceptable. No flip-flops, dress shoes, boots, sandals, house shoes, etc. are allowed.
  • Parents may also purchase long-sleeved Legacy polos, Legacy sweaters on sale at the school.
  • Scholars may earn Gold Honor Polos every 9 weeks for showing academic success… Scholars may earn fleece College Bound jackets for showing academic success the whole year. Gold Honor Polos and fleece College Bound jackets may only be earned not purchased. J
  • Dress uniform may be worn for special occasions only. The dress uniform consists of a white collared shirt, tie, and sleeveless Legacy vest with black skorts for girls and black dress pants for boys and black dress shoes. Dress uniforms can only be earned not purchased. J
  • Only natural hair color -no glitter, bandanas, hats, scarves, caps, head wraps, etc.

**Scholars and Parents should make every effort to ensure that the uniform shirts and pants are cleaned regularly. Torn, damaged, or worn clothing is not accepted and will require replacement. School personnel will call home to talk with parents when there is a concern about torn or damaged clothing that needs immediate replacement.

What to Leave Home

The following items should not be brought to school:

  • Toys, playing cards, dice, baseball or similar trading cards
  • Anything of value such as nice, expensive jewelry, watches, etc.
  • Money, other than what is needed to purchase lunch, items from the school store or to pay for fieldtrips
  • Cameras, radios, recorders, cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices
  • Skateboards
  • Pets
  • Knives, matches, lighters
  • Play guns, bullets, etc.
  • Cell Phones
  • Fidget Spinners

***Legacy Early College and Employees are NOT responsible for personal items brought to school and lost. Should such items become a distraction or cause a disruption to instruction, they will be confiscated and parents may come to the school to pick them up.

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