LECES Curriculum


Curriculum and Instruction

The curriculum at Legacy Elementary School is considered to be all the experiences that a child has while at school.  Subject areas taught include:  Language (English, reading, spelling, writing, and speaking), mathematics, science, social studies, health, art, music, and physical education.  Special efforts are made to meet the individual needs of our children through individualized instruction, small group instruction, individual projects, and the use of technological devices. Our school has clearly defined learning objectives following the South Carolina State Standards for College and Career Readiness for our children. While teaching this curriculum, we will strive to create a school atmosphere in which every scholar can learn the values of discipline, respect, and a love of learning.


Some Resources you may see your scholars involved with throughout the year include the following:


-Balanced Literacy Approach (Writing Workshop, Reading Workshop, Guided Reading, Word Block, Independent Reading, Shared Reading, Reading Centers, Teacher Directed Reading, Conferences, Word Walls, Read Alouds, Literature Circles, Big Books, etc.)

-Scholars will be assessed using the Amplify Reading 3D Running Record System, benchmarks, rubrics, and/or Compass and MAP Computer Testing to determine current reading levels. Small group instruction and independent reading will focus on scholars’ individual reading levels.

- Phonics, current South Carolina Basal Reading Series, Thesauruses/Dictionaries, and Spelling may also be used to supplement our reading program success.

-Eureka Math, Saxon Math, Calendar Math, current South Carolina Math Textbook Series, AIMS, Marilyn Burns Read Aloud Program may be utilized as some of our primary resources along with multiple math manipulatives daily.

-Scholars will be assessed using Math Benchmarks, Compass and MAP Computer Testing, and other informal assessments to determine individual needs for scholars for future small group and individual intervention planning.

-Scholars in grades 5K-2 will focus on developing print skills, while grades 2-4 will strengthen cursive writing skills.

-Social Studies Lessons are based on South Carolina State Standards and lessons are developed with Non-Fiction Texts, the state adopted SS textbook, and lessons developed around scholars’ individual reading levels.

-Science Lessons are based on South Carolina State Standards and lessons developed with the state adopted Science textbook, Hands-On Science Labs/Kits, Experiences in the School Garden, Non-Fiction Texts, STEAM lab experiences, and lessons developed around scholars’ individual reading levels.


Gifted and Talented Experiences

*Scholars are identified formally for the Gifted and Talented Program in the Fall of 2nd Grade through the South Carolina Cog/At/ITBS Assessments.

*Scholars in 5k-4th are also identified as accelerated through formative assessments such as Amplify Reading 3D and MAP as well as teacher recommendations.

*We look at a scholar’s academic/intellectual ability as well as artistic potential in functioning at a high performance level.

*The elementary school offers a number of enrichment opportunities for GT identified children and other scholars excelling in certain subjects/areas in all grades 5k-4th.

*These scholars are involved in various enrichment experiences based on their individual needs such as: differentiated/leveled book clubs, small differentiated instructional groups in and outside the classroom lessons, accelerated lessons and instruction with other scholars working on similar achievement levels, mentoring experiences, and detailed lessons in working with the musical performing arts.

*Our various enrichment activities occur before, during, and after school, in the summer, on Saturdays, and through independent studies.

Special Services

Special instruction is made available to meet the needs of our children who qualify under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Scholars are served in settings appropriate for their disabilities. All information pertaining to services supplied through Special Education will only be released to individuals who have direct contact with the scholar and parent/guardian. Please inform school of any special services your child has received prior to coming to Legacy. Self-contained placement is not available. The guidelines followed by Legacy Early College are those established by local and federal mandates. Specific and additional information may be obtained by contacting the school’s Special Education Teacher.


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