Teachers Rewarded for Excellence in Teaching


At the beginning of the school year, each Legacy elementary student K5-4th grade received 10 books at their reading level (made possible by the generosity of a private donor). A competition was formed as a continuation of this "Roaring Readers" book program in an effort to keep Legacy students reading strong all year.

The Roaring Readers Competition is tracked by having students complete a Book Review/Recommendation for each book they read. Each teacher has a clothesline outside their classroom door where students clip their Book Review/Recommendations.

For the first nine weeks, the top classrooms were: K5: Alzine Smith (not pictured) -Teacher and Cindy Davis -Teacher Assistant; 1st grade: Amy Rich; 2nd grade: Candace Collins; 3rd grade: Lourdes Cragnolini; 4th grade: Lorin Monsch. Each grade winning teacher(s) received $1000 and their students earned a trip to Gravitopia!

"Our school goal guides everything we do each day to grow our students as readers and grow our teachers as teachers of reading," says Legacy Elementary Principal, Virginia Burrows. "Reading is the foundation that all of our scholars need in order to be successful in all subjects and for their future academics. We want to make reading purposeful, enjoyable and even a little competitive."

At the end of the school year, the ONE class in the school with the most Book Review/Recommendations will earn a class trip to Carowinds.

Evidence of Legacy Elementary teacher and student growth is seen in this year's System for Teacher and Student Advancement (TAP) rating rising from a Level 4 to a the highest Level 5 (exemplary). This rating indicates Legacy is accelerating student academic progress two years within one school year. Legacy is now in the top 39% of TAP schools nationally.

"We have many students coming to us two and three years behind grade level," says Legacy Founder and Board Chair, William W. Brown. "If we don't advance their learning more than one year, they will never catch up."

Legacy's academic model is competency-based by design to meet the needs of every student. Legacy scholars are considered to be proficient when demonstrating mastery at 80% or higher. Students falling below the proficient level are given additional instruction and support to become successful. "The Roaring Readers Program keeps our teachers and students actively challenged and excelling," says Legacy Executive Director, Fred Crawford. "Legacy believes great teaching produces great results."

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